Hyper Bounce Blast is doing pretty darn well


So it’s been a few weeks since Hyper Bounce Blast launched on Steam and now the dust has settled, it’s becoming clear its been a pretty great launch.

Hyper Bounce Blast was by far my most ambitious project, even half way through development I wasn’t 100% sure I could tie the platforming and SHMUP elements together in a coherent way, but towards the final quarter it all felt like it fell together.

So it’s been a massive relief to see such a great reception from both the press and the users. For me the highlight was being covered in Rock, Paper, Shotgun. A personal bucket list item crossed off for me.

Another highlight has been receiving 2 perfect scores, one from game2gether and another from the overshield, the first time a Flump game has received a perfect score.

Another shock for me has been the user response. I really expected the reception to be a little more mixed with Hyper Bounce Blast, as the gameplay is a lot more unusual than most games I have developed. But the user reception has been crazy, currently sitting on 100% positive with 59 reviews on steam, Hyper Bounce Blast has overtaken Horizon Shift as my most well received game…amazing!!!

A big part of Hyper Bounce Blasts success has been down to the awesome YouTube community that have really taken to HBB. At its peak, 10 video were being posted each day. A special mention and huge thank you to merg who’s video review has racked up just under 10,000 views!!!

So all in all it’s been a fantastic launch and ranks as a personal highlight of my time developing games. It’s still pretty early days for the little platforming SHMUP but what fantastic days they have been.

Thank you to everyone that has supported Flump Studios over the years and every single person who has taken the time to play HBB. Extra huge thank you to John who has been a massive force behind Hyper Bounce Blast, spending endless hours play testing, offering advice, creating ideas and sending out promo keys.  I really don’t think HBB would have been anywhere near the game it is today without his help.








Hyper Bounce Blast has a release date


Cover art

Hyper Bounce Blast will be launching on Steam on the 27th of May, almost a year to the day since Horizon Shift’s launch.
I’m really happy happy with the way the game has turned out and I sincerely believe this is the best work I have ever done.

Here is the official blurb for the game:

Hyper Bounce Blast is a retro style, stomach churning shooter, blended with classic platforming elements. Bounce, shoot and dodge to survive ever increasing waves of enemy attacks. Bring it on!

Use the unique bounce multiplier system to maximise power-ups, build your hyper and survive the onslaught! Hyper Bounce Blast also features an fantastic soundtrack produced by electronic musician Quantum Firefly.


-Bouncing keeps you invulnerable to bullets, so stay away from that floor!.
-Totally unique gameplay mixing twin stick shooting with bouncy platforming action.
-Dodge a ton of bullets, lasers, tesla coils and buzz saws to survive.
-6 Modes of play, including: Arcade, Time Rush and Tournament mode.
-A very classic bonus round.
-Full Steam controller integration, plus Xbox360 controller, Keyboard and Mouse support

And here is the official announcement trailer:


For regular updates on the games progress you can follow the official facebook page or follow Flump Studios on twitter

Thanks everyone :)

Introducing Hyper Bounce Blast


Hi everyone!

Here’s some pic and videos of my new game, Hyper Bounce Blast, it’s still super early but getting somewhere now.

I released Horizon Shift on steam last May and it was received WAY better than I ever expected, so I started on another game in a similar style.
So far I think Hyper Bounce Blast is a good improvement.

The gameplay is part twin stick shooter and part platformer, kinda like a Geometry Wars/ Mario cross over.
There are three types of enemy – Bouncers(Blue), Shooters(Red) and Bonus star enemies (Green)

The blue enemies can only be killed by bouncing on them, the red can only be killed by shooting them and the green can be killed either way. The higher up the screen you bounce the higher your multiplier.

Also when you’re bouncing you are invulnerable and are encouraged to actually collect the bullets which add to your score and hyper bar.

So the only real danger is when you miss a jump and are stranded on the floor, then it starts to get scary

It sounds a lot more confusing than it is I promise.

Here’s some rough footage of how the game plays:

And here’s some pics:

Thanks everyone :)

Pester on steam!


I never thought I’d see the day when Pester, what I consider my first real game, would end up on steam…espcially though greenlight!
Well that day is coming very soon, 21st of August to be precise.

It’s had a bit of an overhaul since it was released on Xblig back in January 2013. With all new sprite work from my friend and fellow solo coder, Dylan Barry of rail slave fame (or maybe infame).

It will be releasing for the same price as its Xblig and OUYA conterparts, $1(70p). There will also be a 25% launch discount taking it down to 75 cents for the first week.

I admit it’s starting to show its age compared to some of my newer projects but I really feel there’s still loads of fun to be had with Pester and it’s still a game that I’m immensely proud of.

Here’s the new trailer showing off some of the new sprite work.

Horizon Shift’s out tomorrow!!


It feels like it’s been in development for ages but in under 24 hours Horizon Shift will land on steam!
I really have never felt this nervous before a launch, I think it’s because I really have given everything I could to this game.

Good news is the pre-release reviews and previews have been amazing.
Here’s a few of my favorites:

“It’s a great game, I really recommend it” – Gamester81

“Horizon Shift has its own “hook” – a little something to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd” – Critical indie gamer

“Sounds crazy? It is. But it’s awesome” – Dealspawn

‘”Horizon Shift will blast the player with so many fresh additions to the genre that it’ll be tough to take them all at once.” – indiegames.com

So that’s help put my mind at rest a little, still, nothing can really prepare you for release day!
A wonderful, yet brutal time where you go through about 50 emotions at once.
Nothing I can do but wait now…
See you on the other side!!

New cover art!


Yay, Horizon Shift now has proper cover art!!!
Massive thanks to Sergio Anton for designing this awesome artwork.

And this is how it would look 25 years ago :)

In other news, Horizon Shift will also be playable in Brazilian Portuguese when it launches next month.

Massive thanks to Diego Siqueira for his hard work translating all the games text!

More news soon, getting close now :)

Horizon Shift @ Play blackpool


I’ll be showing the first complete version of Horizon Shift at play Blackpool on Saturday 2nd of May.

Really excited about this one, it’s retro roots will are perfect for showing off Horizon Shift’s old school gameplay.

You can find out more about Play Blackpool on their official site here:

I hope to be running a little competition throughout the day where the top scorer will receive an Horizon Shift T-Shirt and steam keys for the Flump Studios back catalog.

This will be the last showing before the game is released so super nervous about this one!!!

If you haven’t already, check out the announcement trailer below:

Horizon Shift at the Gadget Show


Had a great week last week, Flump Studios was invited to show Horizon Shift at the Gadget Show live at the NEC in Birmingham.

It really was a great show, Damn tiring though!!! 6 days is a long time to be staring at you own game!!!

Met some great other devs and played some amazing games. Special mention goes to Theo and Lizzy by Butcher Lab. It’s like a mix between VVVVVV and super meat boy forever. So in a word Awesome :)

As for Horizon shift it received some really amazing feedback, by far the best reaction I’ve had to a Flump Studios game. I’m getting really excited to see the reaction to the game when it’s released, it’s getting close now!!!

If you want to find out more about Horizon shift and how if plays, check out the interview with me and Blast Process below.

Why not subscribe to their channel? there’s some great stuff on there!

An update on Horizon Shift


Been a busy couple of months but Horizon Shift is really starting to take shape now.

Comic Con
Last weekend was amazing as I got to show Horizon Shift at Comic Con in Birmingham. Soooo much fun and the best reception I’ve had so far from one of my games.

I don’t think 5 minutes went passed without someone playing it, I really think taking the mini arcade cabinet was a big help. There was also some really great feedback, my favorite part was seeing the same people come back again and again for a play, surely a good sign.

Here’s a little vid of the cabinet in action at Comic Con

And this is probably the best picture ever!


As for the game…

I’m hoping to have 100 waves and at least 8 different game modes, so far it has 10 waves and 2 game modes, so still a lot of work to be done. I have also added the first bonus game (which is basically break-out), the idea is to have 3 or 4 different bonus games all based on classic arcade games to help break up the action, I’m now working on a pong bonus game.

The first boss is now finished, I’m hoping to have between 5 and 10 bosses depending on when my imagination runs out.

I recently uploaded a new video to show how it’s coming along, still very early days.

So just a little update to let people know what’s going on, will be back with more details and hopefully some more footage.
Thanks for reading!

Horizon Shift! My new project.


Some pointless back story

I still vividly remember the first time I came in contact with video games, it was around 1987 or 1988 in the tiny, Smokey, sticky floored arcade room of Butlins in Bognor Regis.

I was given £1 to leave my parents alone, which somehow lasted me about an hour.

The cacophony of 8 bit noise and the intense flashing lights were irresistible to a 7 year old boy.
I wandered around that small room for about 20 minutes before I settle on my first game, 1942 (I had chosen pole position but the steering wheel was buggered).

I didn’t last particularly long, but it was awesome! It wouldn’t have mattered what game I was playing, I would have loved it. The clicking sound of the joystick and the feel of mashing buttons with my middle finger had me hooked, admittedly it probably helped that 1942 is amazing.

About a year later I was passed down an Amstrad CPC 464 from my older sister, such a good day!
After spending about a six months of playing any game I could get my hands on I decided I wanted to make my own games.

I think I was 9 when I started coding,  just making little adventure games and countless attempts at football management sims, but what I really wanted to do was replicate that feeling I had when I first played 1942 in that Smokey room in Bogner.

Well that feeling never really went away and that brings me onto my new project, Horizon Shift.
I’ve made a couple of arcade shooters in the past but I really want this game to feel authentic, like it’s a re-master of an old 80’s arcade game but still have original gameplay and feel new.

Photo: Well this is just friggin' awesome!!!!These are the part for my Horizon Shift arcade cabinet.I'm making a full blown arcade game!

So I figured the best way to keep an authentic feel was to make my own bartop arcade cabinet and using that as my lead platform.

Of course there will be concession for gamepad and keyboard players but the game will really be developed with arcade control in mind.

I’m hoping when the game is complete that I will be able to consider ‘Mini Arcade Cabinet’ as an available format, admittedly it will be about £800 more than the PC version but still there as an option.

About the actual game

As mentioned above Horizon Shift will be a new take on the classic arcade shooter, it’s not a bullet hell or twin stick shooter but more an uppey downey shooty thing.

Basically your ship will patrol a line in the middle of the screen whilst enemies attack from the top and bottom of the screen. You have to switch between shooting up and shooting down to protect your line.
The enemies are divided into 3 groups, the Runners (Red), the destroyers (Blue) and the Shooters (Green).

The runners are the most useful enemies; if they reach your line they will run up and down it and destroy you if you are hit. However the more runners that are on your line the higher your score multiplier. Higher score = extra lives.

Destroyers should be your priority, they will smash up your line on contact, giving you less room to move and more chance to fall into oblivion. There are also rare SOLID Destroyers which will destroy your line with one hit.

The shooter is just that, enemies that shoot…the end.

I’m looking to have about 50 waves in total, plus boss battles and bonus levels.
Similar to my earlier game, Pester, there will be a selection unlockable game modes, such as arcade, survival, time attack, etc…

As for the music I’m very happy to have Jason Heine on board, his thumping upbeat chiptune style really feel right for the game. The OST will be available separately.

I’ve got a good feeling about this game, so far nothing I’ve made before has come together quite as well as Horizon Shift is. So far everything is clicking nicely into place, now I’ve just got to make sure I don’t f**k it up!

I will hopefully be returning shortly to add a gameplay vid more news :)
Thanks for reading!

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