I can hardly believe it, my little baby’s out in the wild! Not literally, literally he’s in the bath.
But today is the day that Super Killer Hornet is released on steam!

It’s just too exciting!!!

If you’re interested in taking a look there will be a 30% discount until the 13th of February.

You can buy it here:

Thanks everyone involved for making this happen.
I  will do a full thank you list but at the moment I’m late for work!!!

We’re going to be on Steam!


So the massive news is that we’re going to be on Steam! The other news is we have a solid release date.
Super Killer Hornet Resurrection will be available to  purchase from steam on the 6th of February 2014.

Pretty short notice I know, but things seemed to have been moving really fast recently.
I can’t confirm the price yet but there will be a 30% launch discount.

As for the Xbox live indie version we’re hoping for a March release.
No news on any other ports yet but will update this page when there is.

So why not check out these delightful screenshots and trailer whilst you wait :)

For more information please like our facebook page or follow us on twitter@FlumpStudios

Super Killer Hornet Resurrection is nearly here!


At last!!!


It seems like ages since we started working on the Sequel to Super Killer Hornet but it’s now finally at a stage we’re really happy with.

Super Killer Hornet Resurrection, like its predecessor, blends classic shooter action with a mathy twist but this time on a far bigger scale.


Gone is the endless nature of the first game, replaced with a classic level structure, multiple  game modes and epic boss battles.

One big standout feature for us is the soundtrack, it’s not exactly traditional for this type of game but we have been lucky enough to be able to work with one of my truly favourite UK rock hiphop bands, the Sixty Fours.





Check out their stuff here However if you do favor a more traditional score we also have a classic soundtrack from a very talented musician, Mr Dylan Barry…both are equally awesome!

We are hoping the soundtrack will be available separately and in two parts shortly after release.


We are aiming for an early 2014 release, probably mid to late Jan, we will update with a solid release date when we know more.


Right now we are entering the Beta testing phase which will probably last a couple of weeks.

If you are interested in being a tester for SKH-Resurrection email us at







There’s not much more to tell you that the trailer won’t explain. So here it is…look at it!!!!!Please.

For more information please like our facebook page or follow us on twitter@FlumpStudios

Pster now available on PC


Well, Pester is finally available for PC!

It’s had a few tweaks here and there and is now compatible with Keyboard or a 360 controller

For those of you who missed the XBOX indie version, Pester is a bullet hell shoot ‘em up with an old school feel, tough but addictive gameplay and a hell of a lot of game modes. Here’s the official blurb

“Prepare to be Pestered, in a good way!” Pester is a vertical shoot em’ up which blends the old school with the new creating a frantic and fun shooter experience. With over 100 combinations of play, a thumping techno soundtrack, 6 trophies to unlock and a unique old school-new school graphic style Pester is a game for both shooter enthusiasts and anyone up for a good challenge.”


Or check out the trial here













Pester Review Round-up


So it’s been 3 months since the release of out little indie shooter, Pester, and I think we can safely say that the last of the reviews are in. So how did we do???? Well, actually pretty awesome to be honest.
Out of 15 review I would only class one of them as negative, that’s not bad. We even got a seal of approval from the indie gamer chick who is notorious for her dislike of Shoot em’ ups.
So here’s a run through of the scores, starting with the best obviously

:) The good:

‘A’ Rating – “It grabs you and keeps you interested because it is a game that pulls you in and then chews you up along with a line from The Rock saying, “come get some” to which you will oblige.”
Video Game Attack

9/10 – “Overall, this is a really smart, well presented little game for both retro fans and shmup fans alike. The game has a serious ‘just one more go’ factor to it, and can’t be faulted on its customisation and value for money. It’s hard, but not so hard that it’s a turn off. It’s only 80 Microsoft Points – my advice is to buy it now!”
Gamer Score Addicts

9/10 – “Pester is great for bringing the retro feel, I had so much fun playing this game”
The Overshield

[No Score] – I freaking LOVE it!!! The challenge gives me something to look forward to and the rising difficulty curve is always there to test me when I think I’ve aced the game.

8.7/10 – “I really liked Pester. It is safe to say that this is currently my favorite Xbox Live Indie Game. Flump Studios incorporated some good ideas and paid homage to one of the most known space shooters, Galaga. The controls are tight and responsive while the graphics make you feel like you’re moving through space. Enemies are nicely designed and diverse.”

8.5/10 – “It’s one heck of a fast paced shooting frenzy.”
Geeks Respawn

[No Score] – “Quite frankly, I just couldn’t stop playing the arcade mode! Each time I died, I wanted to get back and start again. lol Pester really is that entertaining.”
Metall Man

4/5 – “Freaking fun!”
Gamer Vets

8/10 – “Overall, Pester is a great successor to Killer Hornet and really creates a more rounded and polished product. The game is crisp and the controls are very fluid and responsive. If you enjoy shooters, Pester is easily one of the better ones available on the XBLIG market right now.”
Clearance Bin Review

The Avarage

3.5/4 – It’s fast, furious and addictive in that ‘just once more’ way.
Xboxer 360

Approved – “Congratulations to the team at Flump Studios for doing as good as you could do with this genre in relationship to me.”
Indie Gamer Chick

3.5/5 – Pester is the classic arcade homage with a few extras and a handful of unlocks to keep a gamer busy for at least a few hours. It’s simply a throwback title that fits in nicely on the XBLIG.
Gamer Cheese

The bad :(
Poison – “The graphics attempt to evoke a nostalgic feeling by mimicking the extremely simplistic look of most Atari 2600 games, but not only does it not look good, it just doesn’t work too well.”
1UP or Poison

Really sorry if I missed anyone out, I’m pretty sure there’s a few more floating around.
All in all I couldn’t be happier with the feedback. I’m really proud of Pester and I’m just so glad that others can see what I was trying to do.

Pester is also sitting quite comfortable at 31st in the UK user ratings charts after having spent a short spell in the top ten and an even shorter spell at number 1.

It’s been a great ride for me and now I have to go through it all with the PC version :)
Oh yeah, that should be out in time for summer.

Thanks for reading…



The first gamer to post a picture of the Pester award screen with all trophies unlocked will receive 400 MSP.

Check out our facebook page here:

Of course you have to own the game so if you haven’t picked it yet get it here:

IT’S ON!!!

Pester Released on XBLIG Today!!!!


At last we can present our newest creation to the world!

After months of no sleep and burned retinas Pester is finally finished and has successfully completed peer review.


You can download here for only 80MSP($1 or about 68p)


This is our second Xbox indie title after Super Killer Hornet which reviewed well but to be honest slacked a bit in the sales department. In my opinion the biggest draw back super killer hornet was the graphics and presentation. We’ve spent a bit more time concentrating on these issues with pester,the main improvement, for me, being the implementation of particle physics to take care of the explosions and fire trails.


We’re really happy with the way pester has turned out because it’s the type of game we’ve wanted to see made for a while. We’ve tried to mix the old with the new to make something a little unique.

We’re also happy with the way we’ve implemented the game modes, by mixing modes with modifiers we have managed to make 96 combinations of play, which hopefully will make the 80MSP worth while.

It’s such a great feeling knowing your game is out there for the world to see, we know it’s not going to set the world on fire or make enough money that we can quit our day jobs but it really is nice to know that something you’ve made is out there for the world to try, play and judge (not too harshly I hope).


PS. Some of you may notice a slight spelling mistake (quite massive actually) within the game.

This comes from deciding to have one last decode session at 4 in the morning just 10 minutes before sending it for review. An update is ready to go and should be up this time next week. So annoying though and yes I feel like a dick!



Massive thanks to these guys for being awesome!


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The Overshield
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Xbox Release!


We are proud to announce that our first game, Super Killer Hornet, is released today on XBOX live indie.
A frantic bullet hell shooter with a strong Japanese influence and a strong emphasis on difficulty, Super Killer Hornet is the type of game we’ve always wanted to make.
At only 80 Xbox’s points ($1/69p) why not have a look and support a poor defenceless little indie developer.

To celebrate the release of the aforementioned Super Killer Hornet we are running a little contest. The first person to post a picture on the flump facebook page ( of the unlocked ‘Score King’ trophy will receive 400 xbox points.
Not the biggest prize I know but we are as small as a game studio could be.

I have no idea how we will perform on the Xbox indie network but all I can say is so far my experience with using Xblig as a publishing format has been fantastic, such a wonderful and creative community that I am genuinely proud to be a part of.

I would Just like to say a big thank you to – sixth floor games, Halcyon Softworks, Peter Schraut, Golconda, Sparkelsoft, Maxminus and Monster Bite Games for peer reviewing and passing SKH, to Toby Harris for sorting the website out for us, to Scott Benbow for playtesting and annoying me with his unbeatable high score, to Nick Osborne for being my business partner and forcing me to get off ass and get something made and a special thank you to my wife for putting up with my endless nonsensical game speak for the last 7 months.

So, how’d we do?


So it’s been nearly 2 weeks since we released our first creations on to the WP7 marketplace and as you may have noticed the world has been visibly shaken by their release.
Emergency meetings between David Cameron, François Hollande and Barack Obama were called in a bid to find a solution to breaking the 1000 point mark on the Retro racer.
Natwest and RBS were brought to their knees as 90% of their IT team tirelessly worked to get all the Trophies unlocked on Super Killer Hornet.
England were painfully knocked out of the Euros after Ashley Cole decided to f**k up a penalty so he could return home to grab some more stars on Badly Draw Box.
I’m pretty sure we can all agree the world will never be the same, but how did the launch actually go? Well good and bad.

The Good!

We got downloaded! And that’s the main thing. We were downloaded over 10,000 times in our first week which we’re more than happy with. For me this confirms that free apps with advertising on the Windows phone is a viable format to turn a profit, it might not be the quickest way to make your first million but it defiantly has potential.
It’s a strange feeling knowing that that many people have played something you’ve made and by most accounts have liked; this brings me on to our next positive, reviews.
It’s almost impossible to guess how a game is going to be received but I must say I was surprised by the responses, reviews range from 1 star L to 5 stars J but overall we faired very well.
Currently (and this really surprised me) Retro Racer is on 5/5 in the, Super Killer Hornet is on 4.5/5 and Badly Drawn Box is on 4.
Here’s a few responses.
(5 stars)“Works fine on my HTC… J Good Game – Krashload on Super Killer Hornet
(4 Stars) “Not Bad” – Faziotech on Super Killer Hornet
(5 Stars) “Can’t stop playing Retro games. This one’s great” – F4llen monk on Retro Racer
(4 Stars) “Not a bad little game” – Rez1976 on Badly Drawn Box
Pretty satisfied with these results considering we’ve only been making games for 6 months. But it’s not all good L

The Bad!

Yeah, not all good I’m afraid, made some classic school boy errors which I think really hurt our downloads and potential profit.

Big mistake number 1

Our first mistake was to submit all three games at once, the idea behind this was so we could compare how different styles of game would perform on the format and this backfired somewhat for us.
We always knew how important it was to have your game show under the ‘New’ section on the main Market place but (stupidly) didn’t think about the fact that because we were releasing 3 games at once the very games we were putting up knocked the other 2 off, only Super Killer Hornet made it to the New section on the front page :o ( judging by first day download figures we believe that we lost between 3000 and 5000 download due to this.

Big mistake number 2

Second mistake we made was assuming that using the smaller advert size in pubcenter would be just as profitable as the larger format, turns out we were wrong.
Super Killer Hornet, which uses larger adverts, was downloaded 3000 times in the first two days and received 2900 ad impressions; Retro Racer, which uses the smaller adverts, was downloaded 4000 times in two days and received fewer than 100.
That’s over 30 times more revenue from just using bigger adverts. My advice to anyone planning on releasing ad based WP7 apps/games is to squeeze in the larger ads somehow otherwise it’ll be barley worth it. Combined with big mistake number one we would guess we made only around 10% of our potential profit.

Big mistake number 3

I can barely bring myself to write this bit as it’s such a classic misstep and what I consider to be our biggest mistake, what is it? ‘Not lending enough weight to the importance of the game icon’, that’s what!
The game Icon is your cover art, the window to the soul of you game and probably 90% of the reason that people will be downloading your game.
We always knew this was important but after seeing the download results it’s easy to see that it’s by far and away the most important marketing tool at your disposal.
I was initially happy with the icon art for Super Killer Hornet until I started trying to look for it on the market place and missed it over and over again, I now realise a bit of yellow on a sea of grey is not exactly eye catching. In contrast, Retro Racer which has a far clearer and colourful icon has started to overtake Super Killer Hornet in downloads despite it being a far more basic game and not having the initial boost of being on the new section of the marketplace.

Big mistake number 4

To complete this checklist of idiocy I will conclude with the father of all errors and that’s assumption.
I’ve always been a massive fan of old school SHUPS (shoot ‘em ups) and especially anything by CAVE, anyone who is acquainted with CAVE’s style of manic bullet dodging, small hit points and ultra complex combo systems would instantly recognise that Super Killer Hornet is massively influenced by these Japanese masters of the genre. Unfortunately I forgot to remember that Japanese style bullet hell shooters are a little bit of a niche market in the west. My mistake was assuming that people would just ‘get’ my game the instance they played it, not so.
Not including a basic tutorial in any of our games was a big mistake, when people play phone games they don’t want to spend 20 minutes working out how a combo system works or figuring out what does what. People want to pick up, play, smile and get on with their day. Advert based games depend on strong replay value and anyone who picks up a game and doesn’t understand it will never play it again.

Lesson leaned…


At a glance it may seem that the bad outweighs the good but all in all we’re happy with the launch. Even if it wasn’t a massive financial success, was a lot of hard work and a Chinese person called our game ‘garbage’ the lessons learned are invaluable and more importantly it’s been fun.
With super Killer Hornet being releases on XBOX Live Indie next month I really hope we can take our own advice and avoid as many pitfalls as possible. Of course it’s a completely different medium so I’m pretty sure we’ll f**k it up somewhere down the line.
We’ll keep you posted…

At Last


5 Months, 2 weeks and 3 days have passed since Flump Studios was formed over a nice friendly (if there is such a thing) game of Fifa 12 and now, finally, we are ready to release the fruits of our labour upon the digital world.

The development side has been a bit of a double edged sword to be honest, it’s been way harder than I originally thought but, at the same time, far more fun. First of all I’m knackered, pretty sure I’ve been averaging about 4 hours sleep a night since January. Secondly, I almost literally haven’t been thinking about anything else; every meal, every film, even every bowl movement is accompanied by an orchestra of code based internal thoughts and self directed murmurings. Even worse, I’m pretty sure I haven’t been talking about anything else either, unfortunately my wife has taken the brunt of this self indulgent gaming chatter and I think she might be getting a little board now; but what fashionable, self respecting 27 year old woman wouldn’t want to hear about Bounding boxes and 3 dimensional arrays?

But having said all that, I have enjoyed every second of the last insomnia drenched, monofocused months and wouldn’t change it for the world. For me, the most important product to come out of the development process is the realisation this is what I want to do with my life.

We are planning to release 4 games over the next month and a half, all free and all exclusive to windows phone 7(at the moment). First up is our 8-bit love letter, ‘Retro Racer’, which is due out this Friday (01/06/2012), then on Monday (04/06/2012) our little brain trainer ‘Pressure’ will be hitting the market place, with Badly Drawn Box and Super Killer Hornethopefully following shortly after.

If you have a windows phone please download and have a look, they’re all free and every play puts money into funding our next project. I don’t want to sound like an Oxfam advert but please support the, far from endangered, indie developer because we really love what we do and all we want is carry on making games and dreaming in code. Here’s to the future.

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