Video game Disadvantages

We talked about good things. The benefits of video games to help you convince your parents that you can keep playing. But are we going to start taking responsibility for our lives? Below are the drawbacks of video games that can ruin your life. With great power comes a great responsibility … And? Be careful how much you’re fascinated by the fictional world of video games.


It is known that video games make you lazy and tired. As soon as you start playing too many of them, they turn into a slacker that you always feel tired about.


Video games also cause insomnia. You get tired, but you can’t get enough sleep. Research shows that a player who plays video games too much really hears and feels the sound and excitement even a few hours after he stops playing the game.

Measurable procedure

You play too many games and stop interfering with your daily routine. It is often possible to see that a person playing video games is often late and does not have a proper schedule to follow.
Late sleep and late climbing disrupt the whole day’s routine and eventually your life.

Lack of exercise

A person who plays video games becomes too lazy and does not exercise. It also damages the body. This weakens the legs, and the muscles do not stretch. The body’s immune system is also slowing down, which is a significant drawback of video games.


After all, we have power as one of the biggest drawbacks of the game. Many crimes in which the offender was a player are reported frequently. The flip side of the game is that after watching so many scenes of violence, they also have a significant impact on human consciousness. According to CNN, an 18-year-old gunman in Germany killed nine people and was one of the first-person shooters.

Conclusion: Pros and Cons of Video Games

Video games are probably a great way to have fun and have fun. If you don’t play too much, video games can also offer many positive results for a person’s mind and health.
If video games play too much, they can lead to catastrophic consequences for the human body and the general health of the person (are you interested in the health slogan?). So make sure you have the balance when playing video games.

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