Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Video Games

Playing video games has certainly created a significant impact on one’s life. The early history of video games began during 1940’s, where the first interactive electronic games were put to in action. From then, the progress was unstoppable and by and by video games became a hit. There were single-player gameplay, multiplayer online battle arena, arcade video games and the list continues. With the overwhelming influx of video games that were fully embraced by the people, this started the controversy of the benefits and the damage of playing video games.

Now in the 21st century, playing video games isn’t just a hobby at all but is part of the bigger picture. Some people even consider it as a stepping stone to a gaming career. Because of the wide appreciation for video games, interestingly it also created a series of debates whether it’s good or bad for a person. Well, a video game is a mix of both. And sometimes, it all boils down to control. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing video games.


Eases Depression

Eases Depression

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Happiness instead of depression

The inherent capacity of video games to fight depression is one of its most beneficial features. Playing games like these offset the struggles and pressures of work, family and other stress-causing factors. That is why video games are very popular for people wanting to take a break from the real world and hop into the world of fantasy. This is probably the most notable merit you get from playing video games and more and more people are jumping into virtual entertainment rather than dwelling with depression.

Enhances Problem-solving Skills

These virtual cognitive games are not just fun but also beneficial to your brain. Almost all video games have certain rules to follow, which means you need to carefully think before making a move. Over time, players also learn how to make split-second decisions. Creativity and consistency in video games enhance the cognitive state of gamers because most games feature tricky challenges and difficult stages to complete. Such aspects help polish the problem-solving skills of children and adults.

Improves Vocabulary

Considering most games are in English, playing video games indirectly helps you improve your vocabulary. When your brain is in constant stimulation with graphics and words, the tendency is you provide a valuable addition to your brain. Most of the multiplayer games are online and you definitely need to communicate to win the game. Players are from all over the world and using a common language that is understandable to everyone is useful. And of course, English the most popular being the universal language. So if you’re not a native English speaker, you are propelled to learn the language; hence, improving your vocabulary.

Boosts Social Skills

Social life through video games

Online video games like MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is a team game, and you definitely need constant communication and support from your teammates to be able to win a game. Social skills are downright important and beneficial not just during a game but also in real life. It helps a player engage with other players to create a casual relationship that may bloom into friendship. Meeting new friends from a virtual world is unique and fascinating.

Strengthens Relationship

Video games are great pastime activities for families. It strengthens the bond and creates a closer relationship with the family members. With this, parents can easily socialize with their children, plus their bond will not just be limited to one field but also to different information technologies.

Practices Multitasking Skills

Playing a video game requires great multitasking skills because most of these games are not just simply about walking around the bushes but rather about completing a challenge. You need to have a keen eye while moving your keys or joystick. There are seriously lots of features to take into account while playing a game because these are all important in winning. Accordingly, your multitasking skills will be put to test.

Source of Learning

Source of Learning

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Fun and valuable time

Truly, these technological advancements are a great source of knowledge for children, teenagers, and even adults. Gaming is for all ages and can be considered as instructional material, which is much more enjoyable compared to some plain text-style study resources. This kind of teaching methodology is very much appealing to children because of the fun and interactive interface.


Unhealthy Habits

Most gamers become lazy because they would prefer sitting all day and gluing their eyes to their screens. They often neglect exercise and eat unhealthy foods that eventually lead to health problems like damage eyesight, insomnia, headaches and muscle strain. Not only that, constant playing of video games creates a negative effect on the mental health of the players.

Video Game Addiction

Video Game Addiction

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Don’t let video games control you

Whilst video games must be played in moderation, unfortunately, there are some people who couldn’t control the pace and end up being addicted to video games. From this addiction, it could lead to many adverse health problems like obesity and brain damage.


One of the most frightening concerns of video games is the visible violence. Most video games revolve around battling and killing enemies, and sometimes this inspires gamers to do the same. The potential of criminal behavior is very high for gamers who have a video game addiction. That is why children must not be exposed to this kind of setting to avoid cultivating violence to their self. Discipline and parental guidance are very important to the young ones.

Inappropriate Content and Language

Unfortunately, there are some video games that are characterized by inappropriate graphic content and foul language. This ethical setback is a serious disadvantage to the welfare of the gamers, especially for kids. It indirectly shapes the principles of a person and it might be set out in the society. Consequently, this kind of games must be restricted only to adults.

The Bottom Line

Play in moderation

Video games are a good way of diversion and entertainment. It helps players be themselves and forget about the real world even for a while. However, the importance of control must be taken into account to avoid video gaming addiction, which is not just harmful but also deadly. Learn how to balance everything and make sure to set a certain playing time for this kind of activity.