Titles to Look Out For 2018’s World Video Game Hall of Fame

Just recently, the World Video Game Hall of Fame has released its list of inductees for the year 2018. Since the Strong museum gave its announcements on May 3, 2018, in Rochester, New York, gamers are all pumped up to see how the awarding will unfold. With all the latest selections that are storming the online domain, it’s pretty exciting to see what titles will be bagging the awards. All types of electronic game – may it be mobile, arcade, computer, console or hand-held – are deliberated according to the immensity of its influence and popularity it has managed to cross over since its debut, beyond pop culture and to society as a whole.

018’s World Video Game Hall of Fame

To be included in this prestigious pick, the game must, of course, encompass all criteria to make it part of the top selections. More than just a short-lived trend that evaporates as soon as its release, the game should prove to stand the test of time and still hit the interest of gamers. Besides, it should also be widely acknowledged and must in a way reach international recognition. With over 30 judges to critic each year, each game should fit the following criteria to determine their inclusion.

Titles that are joining the list include Final Fantasy VII, Spacewar!, Tomb Raider, and John Madden Football along with other 12 finalists such as Ms. Pac-Man, Asteroids, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Metroid, King’s Quest, Dance Dance Revolution, and Half-Life. Any person is given the chance to nominate their favored games, and the final call will be on the hands of a group of curators, scholars, and professionals dedicated to the history of video games.

Below are few of the inductees of the World Video Game Hall of Fame as announced by The Strong in Rochester, NY.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Source: ComicBook

The Final Fantasy fever

Release Date: 31 January 1997
Genre: Role-playing
Developer: Square
Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation, Android, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, iOS, Microsoft Windows

Since the very debut of the Final Fantasy series in 1997, it has never failed to sustain its popularity throughout time. With its impressive graphics and evolving storyline, it came as second in Sony PlayStation’s most popular games.

According to Curator Shannon Symonds, “Final Fantasy VII is widely acclaimed as the game that broke Japanese role-playing games into mainstream popularity across the globe.” “In addition to its technical achievements, it also introduced the world to memorable characters—such as protagonist Cloud and villain Sephiroth—who have appeared in other game franchises and myriad media,” she added.

John Madden Football

The ever fun and comical sports game

Release Date: Apple II: June 1, 1988, MS-DOS, Commodore 64/128: 1989
Genre: Sports
Developers: Robin Antonick, John Friedman (MS-DOS), Rob Johnson (Commodore), and Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: Commodore 64/Commodore 128, Apple II, MS-DOS

Vice President of The Strong for interpretation and electronic games, Jeremy Saucier announced that “John Madden Football’s action-oriented gameplay has changed the way we play and consume sports video games—and even the way actual sports games are broadcast,”

Developed by Electronic Arts, the popular football video game has since captured several players because of its striking features and other customized aspects. After selling more than 100 million copies, the international phenomenon has shaken the horizons of pop culture and its influence still thrive since its launch date.

Moreover, “It’s yearly release of the game has modeled the path to success for franchises in other sports such as soccer, hockey, baseball, and basketball, ” Saucier added.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

Source: BBC

Lora Croft and her impressive journey

Release Date: 5 March 2013

Genre:  Action-adventure

Developer: Crystal Dynamics

Platform: Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Shield TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Unless you’re living under a rock, the name Lara Croft won’t ring any bells. But given its widespread recognition internationally, the 2013 action-adventure video game would sure leave an impression even to non-fans because of the badass character portrayed in the game. In less than forty-eight hours since Tomb Raider was released for the public’s delight, the game garnered more than 1 million copies and has sold over 11 million as of November 2017. Its popularity cannot be denied, as not to mention the game’s visual artistry, dynamic gameplay, and awesome protagonist made it a top video game that’s constantly being talked about.

Citing Curator Shannon Symonds’ words, “The Guinness World Records cites Lara Croft as the ‘most recognized female video game character’ of all time.” She added that “The character is not without controversy for her early status as a sex symbol, but she’s evolved with the franchise to become the epitome of a strong female hero.”


Source: gds

Source: gds

The classical Spacewar

Release Date: 1962
Genre: Space combat
Developer: Steve Russell
Platform: PDP-1

Since the 1960s, Spacewar has already marked its popularity in a small community of programmers and as of 2018, its legacy is still making waves. Featuring two spaceships called as “the needle” and “the wedge,” this space combat video game was developed by Steve Russell and was the first ever video game that enables multiple computer installations.  The two spaceships, each with limited fuel and torpedoes will take part in a dogfight as they maneuver in a star’s gravity well.

The Strong’s International Center for the History of Electronic Games’ vice president and director, Jon-Paul Dyson said that – “Spacewar! was not a commercial game but it helped to launch the multi-billion-dollar video game industry.”

He further said that the game “also spurred computer users of all types to think about creative new uses for computers and helped turn the computer into the most powerful plaything ever created.”



Source: Store

The highly-acclaimed Minecraft

Release Date: 18 November 2011
Genre: Sandbox, survival
Developer: Mojang, Microsoft Studios, Telltale Games, Markus Persson, 4J Studios, Other Ocean Interactive

Platform: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux

2011 was a glorious time for players as it introduced what would be now as one of the most timeless and played sandbox video games created. Minecraft remains a global phenomenon played by several gamers across the globe, and it has already sold 144 million copies and counting despite having no advertisements during its early stages. Thankfully, word spread like fire and now it’s continually living up to its phenomenal repute.